I’ve picked up a few ounces of adipose tissue since summer started. Not sure if it was the multiple vacations (road trip snacks) or the fact that we’ve had 65% of all our friends and family visiting (and subsequently, eating at) our house this summer. There’s not a lot that I love more than having a crowd of people to feed, but that usually means I’m snacking as I cook. Thus I find myself about three pounds over my don’t-go-over-this-weight weight. And so, per the personal goals I set at the beginning of the year, I’m back on the Healthy Eating Plan (HEP).

The HEP is portion control and a food journal in a spreadsheet in which I keep track of every bite I eat. Not only does it keep me from grabbing 15 M&Ms off the free food table at my office (so not worth the calories to have to write it down), but it demonstrates in a clear way that less food means less of my thighs. Simple enough. So far I’m down to just below the weight line, but I’m looking for some margin room, as Halloween candy is popping up at Wal-Mart.