Mike and I have been talking a lot lately about kairos moments, quality moments when you really get it and everything makes sense, and how we don’t typically camp out on those long enough (thanks to Mark Cole for this insight). A lot of the time, we experience it – maybe a breakthrough while reading Scripture, or maybe it’s the death of someone you love, or maybe it’s just realizing that basil and tomato really, really taste good together – and then we move on. Thinking, essentially, “Well, that was great [or horrible, depending on the situation]. I really learned a lot from that. Now, what next?

Part of my reason for writing here is that I want to learn to hang out in those moments for longer. Even if it’s just a few minutes longer, as long as it takes me to type something about it, it will at least stay in my mind and heart a little bit more. And maybe all of those kairos moments will one day add up to something substantial, like a book that helps women get through the end of college and those first few years of single independence. Maybe it will be a book that helps newly married couples learn to live together and serve one another and grow a strong, steady, abiding love. Maybe it will be a book about food and family and home and how it’s all intertwined. Stay tuned, that’s all I’m sayin’.