I really, really, really love my budget. I do understand what this says about me. Namely, that I’m a supergeek and deserve to have my glasses snapped in two by someone taller and older than me. It’s worth it to me.

I got a lot of “to boots” by marrying Mike. I got a man who loves me, and a man who shows me and tells me he loves me to boot. I got a man who is committed to taking care of me and any future children we will have, and a man who does so systematically with a budget to boot. Our budget is a multi-tabbed juggernaut of If-Then goodness and it keeps our family in line and is slowly, methodically preparing us for any financial situation that may come about.

I like to buy things. Whether it’s a girl thing or just a human thing, I enjoy having things and the best part about our budget is that – contrary to what everyone thinks about budgets – having a budget means I can buy anything I want. Literally. If it’s legal (and that’s just a moral thing I have; you may not be bound by such constraints), I can buy it. It may take fifteen years to save for, but I know that if I want to book a seat on the next commercial flight to the moon, I can do it (which I plan to do). Right now, we have saved almost enough to buy two cars outright. Meaning no car loan. Mike bought a hot new GPS on Saturday and 1) he didn’t feel guilty about it, and 2) I wasn’t angry about it. I’m thrilled, in fact. We bought all-new living room furniture last fall and there wasn’t the first angry word spoken about how much we spent on it. Granted, we lived in our house two and a half years before we had new living room furniture, but that’s how it works. If you’re reading this and you want advice on your budget, please e-mail me and I’ll be giddy to help.