So perhaps that’s a bit dramatic. It’s more like a plan to help the world.

I think that people graduating from college are, on the whole, grossly underprepared to enter the world. At least I was. I got to thinking about this last night on the way to the Braves game with my team, when we drove within 100 feet of the dorm I lived in my freshman year at GA Tech and within about 100 yards of the campus ministry where I spent most of my time. While I graduated with a great education, an incredible posse of friends, and the cutest, sweetest, most thoughtful, funniest, and smartest boyfriend alive (later to become my husband), I really had no idea how to live life on my own.

I’ve been working on a book aimed primarily at women who are graduating from college and entering “the real world.” College, I’m sorry to say, is hardly the real world. You pay $600 for rent. And that covers five months. Everyone feeds you free food. If you have a job, it’s a cush gig and they overpay you. You have a lot to learn about “real” life. I want to help you understand how to explore your strengths and find a purpose-filled job that encourages you and teaches you rather than breaking you down. I want to help you arrange your finances in a way that will help you get ahead of everyone else you know financially. I want you to find a man to treasure you, to treat you like the prize you are, and who will commit to you and you alone for life. I want to show you how to find a church that will spur you on to growth while giving you an outlet to serve and build up the Body. I want to help you understand what it means to leave college and begin to build friendships you’ll maintain for life and also how to deal with those relationships that begin to fade after college. There’s a lot more, but perhaps you’ll just have to buy the book one day …