And, yes, that is my hydrangea again.

In Sex God (a book you should all read), Rob Bell quotes someone as saying, “When a woman is loved well, she opens up like a flower.”

About a year and a half ago (oddly enough, right before I started reading Sex God) I began to think about who I am. So original, but I was thinking more about who I am now with respect to who I was. I realized that in the most Animal-Planet-way-possible, before I met Mike, almost everything I did was aimed at finding a husband in some conscious or subconscious way. Something I realized about three years into marriage, however, was that confidence comes with a great marriage. I began to realize that since I met and subsequently married Mike, I had become a more beautiful version of myself. I’m not all that different from who I was in high school, but after spending seven and a half years wiith MIke, I am infinitely more confident in being who I know I am rather than trying to discern what everyone else wants me to be. The reason is because he loves me well.

Granted, some of this is just regular maturity. Age, perhaps (I say as I draw nigh to my thirtieth year). But I have seen sixty-year-olds who are still trying to appeal to the masses for acceptance. I think that, sadly, those people haven’t known true, agape, selfless, serving, consuming love.