Back for more of the Friday Lists? This one includes television flypaper – the things I glimpse on the TiVo channel guide and am consequently glued to for the next half hour, hour, or three hours.

  • Apollo 13. I’m teary every time they get back through the atmosphere.
  • CSI anywhere, but in order of preference: Original – Sunglasses – Lieutenant Dan.
  • Anything Ken Burns creates. I know that I’ve mentioned him enough times to create a category, but seriously, if you’ve seen his stuff you know it’s incredible every time out.
  • The Godfather. All of them, but The Godfather Saga (the one where they re-edit everything to progress in chronological order) ties me up for about six hours every time.
  • Anything about food styling, especially the Food Network Food Styling Challenge. I’m fascinated by the fact that they aren’t supposed to show the ends of the noodles when they display spaghetti.
  • Rick Steves going anywhere.