I really meant all that about submission, by the way. But it’s not just for the girls.

The beautiful thing about submission is that when it’s done well, it benefits everyone involved in a fruitful cycle. True submission becomes mutual submission, which means I defer to Mike’s leadership because he leads our family well, and he leads us well because he knows I trust him enough to defer to his leadership, so he better measure up. Marriage is servanthood. By continually trying to out-serve one another, we combat the sin that so easily entangles: pride.

Mike and I each fight pride on a daily – nay, hourly – basis. The last thing we need is for our marriage to become infested with a cancerous arrogance. Submitting to one another constantly takes the focus of our marriage off of ourselves and puts it back on Christ. I don’t deserve for Mike to treat me well. I can be a big jerk face. But I also don’t deserve to have my Creator sacrifice His life just to be with me.