I was recently asked to join the board of directors for the Georgia Tech Christian Campus Fellowship and I am beyond excited about it. I was introduced to Mike Nelson there. I grew up there in college. I worked there. I learned a lot about a lot of things there and I’m humbled to now be serving on the board.

GTCCF is the largest campus ministry at Georgia Tech and probably the fastest-growing. And, despite being on the Georgia Tech campus, attracts a remarkably large number of cool people who can effectively socialize and participate actively in society. The best part, though, is that these hipsters in turn attract the dorks – who are equally as loved.

What’s more, the GTCCF students are not content to merely make it through graduation. They’re going to effect change in the meantime, create culture, and alter the course of history. In the past year, they’ve taken nationwide road trips to bring attention to the crisis in the Congo. They created Geaux to the Gulf, a rebuilding program for New Orleans, and later a trip back to the New Orleans area for Eggs in the Easy, an Easter-weekend trip to build a playground in Chalmette, LA. In partnership with Christian Missionary Fellowship, they’ve developed Globalscope, a series of university ministries that span the globe from Mexico to Chile to England to Spain to Thailand.

Kids these days. I love them.