I believe that the Holy Spirit moves where He will, and there’s no stopping him. If He wants to use Oprah, He can go ahead. Heck, if he wants to use Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, I’d love to see it. If he wants to work through me in the midst of all my dysfunction and sinfulness, I’m humbled and grateful.

Foundational to this acceptance is the fact that God is all Truth. He is The Truth, and all Truth is wrapped up in Him and under His domain. I used to be uncomfortable when I’d hear unabashed non-Christians speaking what I suspected to be the truth – I want to think that’s true, but I can’t agree with what he said because he doesn’t believe in God so he can’t be right. It was tiresome, and I was limited to believing only that which came from acceptable sources. In reality, the knowledge that God is all Truth is one of the most liberating things I know about my faith. If something is true, I can believe it no matter where it comes from because ultimately it’s coming from God. And it’s actually kind of fun to know that, secretly, covertly, the God of Israel can be working through people like Tom Cruise and they don’t even know it.

Rob Bell talked about this a few years ago in his series Mastering the Art of Living. It’s 15 teachings, and possibly the most life-changing series of messages I’ve ever heard.