It’s so overused I’m not even sure they publish it anymore. And truthfully, they don’t even need a catchphrase because their logo is so perfect, so simple, so known.

Just do it.

The name comes from the Greek goddess of victory and triumph, and Nike (the company) makes use of victories across the planet to emphasize the philosophy that we should all just do it. Whatever it is. Just doing it has made injured women run marathons in record time. Just doing it has been the genesis of world-class companies and brands. Just doing it is what Christ did all the way to Jerusalem so that he could be mocked, tortured, and nailed to a cross. And save us all.

You know the good you ought to do. Just do it. You may not have the motivation right now. Do it. You may not have the resources. Do it. You may be afraid it will fail. Do it.