I was reading in Matthew the other day and began thinking about Matthew 8:28-34, in which Jesus drives the demons out of the madmen and into the pigs. A few observations here:

1. Where were the demons in the Old Testament? I don’t remember hearing much about them there. Did the Enemy not send them out until Jesus came on the scene?
2. The demons were caught off-guard by Jesus’ arrival. They say (in The Message), “You weren’t supposed to show up yet!” My God is never, ever, ever, ever caught off-guard by anything.
3. The madmen aren’t much a part of the conversation. The demons are shown to be the ones at fault, not the men.
4. The people get angry about losing the pigs, rather than being thankful the men were healed. In the world’s first PETA demonstration, the townspeople are far more concerned that their pigs ran off the side of the cliff rather than the fact that these tortured people have been healed. Not only that, but the “madmen” had been terrorizing this part of the town for many years, and the townspeople hadn’t considered that part of town safe. Suddenly, the demons are gone, the men are healed, that part of town is safe again, Jesus has demonstrated an awesome power, and they’re most concerned about the loss of the pigs.

I’m pretty sure I’m like the townspeople a lot of the time. God is at work in many various parts of my life, growing and teaching and restoring and building, yet I’m concerned about the one little thing that is going wrong.