I finally got around to listening to the special edition Catalyst Podcast with Mike Huckabee (just a couple of weeks late) and there’s some good stuff in there. I was particularly struck by his statements on failure. He said that if you’ve succeeded at everything you’ve ever done, you have set goals that are embarrassingly low.

I have, essentially, succeeded at everything I’ve ever tried. And, upon nearing my twenty-tenth birthday, I’m thinking a lot about accomplishments and what I’ve achieved. There are several projects I’d like to make happen, a few books I’d like to write, and programs I want to begin, but I’m not currently doing much to make those things reality. It’s partially because I don’t take the time to implement a plan, but it’s also because I haven’t set those goals in stone. There are plenty of other goals I’ve written down, and I’ve achieved almost all of them, so why not make these official? And maybe I’ll make them a little loftier than normal.