This is from a post I made on the Catalyst blog, but I kind of liked it so I’m using it here, too. Sorry to the one guy who might read them both.

Leadership is about, well, leading. You read this blog and listen to these speakers and read these books because you’re a leader, and other people are following you so it’s important that you form yourself into a shining example for them.

One temptation of leadership is to be out in front, ahead of the curve, anticipating what’s coming next and preparing yourself and your people for it. In the upcoming GroupZine, Margaret Feinberg writes in defense of following. She describes a jogging experience with some college friends: “As soon as our sneakers touched the track, one of my friends went zipping off. A long-distance runner at heart, I took a much slower, steady approach. I was lapped within the first few minutes. Like an undesirable birthday spanking, the lapping didn’t seem to have an end.”

After struggling through the run, Margaret was reminded of the echo of Jesus’ words to Peter: You follow me.

Maybe you’re out in front. Maybe you’re fighting with all your energy not to be lapped by someone. Maybe you’re watching other ministries or organizations take off at ramming speed, thinking your pace might not be good enough to keep up with them.

But maybe God is calling out that same command to you. You follow me. Maybe what God really wants from you is a slower pace, one in which you watch and learn from Him, allowing Him to be your guide rather than the men and women around you. You follow me.