Happy 35th anniversary, Mama and Daddy.

Not sure what was going on here

I couldn’t be any happier to have grown up with them. They dated for just six weeks before getting engaged and were married about eight or nine months later. I was born two weeks after their fifth anniversary, and my brother came along five years after that. Because they knew each other so well when they had me, they’re able to enjoy each other now, thirty years later, even though my brother and I are out of the house. In fact, I suspect they’re having more fun now than they’ve ever had in their lives because they have the time and the money to do things they want to do, and they have the satisfaction of having raised my brother and I well so they don’t have to worry about us. They’re super fun to be with, too. This past Saturday, we all went up to the north GA mountains so that my dad could take a hang-gliding lesson. Of course.