More and more lately, I feel like I can flip through the TiVo guide and not come across a single thing worth watching. So, in the last few weeks, Mike and I have been intentionally turning off the TV for long stretches – for days at a time. It’s certainly not a new concept, and we’re hardly the first to realize this, but we’ve found that we talk more, accomplish more that’s worthwhile, and are more rested the next morning than the days we leave the TV going for background noise. We leave one or two nights of the week open to watching things we’ve recorded, but even then leave ourselves open to turning off the TV if we’re uninterested. I’ve written, read, learned, and enjoyed my husband more lately than ever. It is admittedly a little weird and silent when it first goes off, but after just a few minutes, my adrenaline calms down and my heart slows and I feel much, much better. Highly recommend it.