For just about every person you ask, “What do you mean, ‘God talks to me’?” you’ll get a different answer. If you’re new to exploring Christianity, be prepared for this. If you’ve been walking this path for some time now, you may still not know how to “hear from God.” The thing is, God is exceedingly creative. He can talk to us in – and I mean this literally – an infinite number of ways. Just because it works one way for me is in no way an indication of how He’ll speak to you, so take this for merely an observation in my own life, not necessarily as a mandate for yours.

One significant way I hear from Him is through confirmation from others, particularly from Mike.

Whether it’s a result of having been together for seven years or the work of the Spirit or some intermingling of the two, often we arrive at the same conclusions independently. It happens a lot with giving – we’ll get a letter from a friend going on a mission trip and Mike will say, “I think we should send her $X,” while I was thinking precisely the same number. Or with our budget – we’ll be in family meeting and I’ll say, “I think we need to start saving for a new XYZ,” while Mike already had it on his agenda. It’s more than just knowing one another well, too; it’s really minute things, down to the last detail, wherein we both have exactly the same idea. We sometimes laugh about it, making schmoopie-eyes at how well we know one another, but truly there is a larger story at work here, and it’s fun to see God work through us as one flesh.