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  • Ever carving a pumpkin for Halloween. I just can never seem to find an appropriately-priced pumpkin, buy it, carve it, and light it up.
  • Making this pumpkin topiary (right). Saw it years ago in a magazine, swore I would make it. Never have.
  • Serving hot buttered rum. I love every ingredient. Why don’t I just make the dang stuff?
  • Swearing the Yellow Jackets are going to win the ACC. They always break my heart.
  • Buying The Godfather trilogy DVDs. I will probably be borrowing my brother-in-law’s set until the day I die.
  • Finishing my wedding scrapbook. Been married five and a half years and I’ve done about six pages.

It’s a nifty thing that my mom and Mike‘s mom have the same birthday, which is today. It borders on the eerie that I have the same birthday as my sister-in-law, Mike’s brother’s wife. But it sure does make remembering them all a lot easier.

I feel strongly about this right now and need to get it off my chest:

I really, really, really love my life.

Everything isn’t swimming along right now. In fact, I may be in the middle of one of the most trying long-term periods of my life, but I have Mike Nelson beside me. I’m learning a lot of good things about God. My parents are happy and healthy and we’re very close (emotionally; reasonably close geographically). My brother is in a happy marriage. We have an inordinate number of great friends. Every last one of my physical needs is being met – food, shelter, clothing, love, etc.

I think we could all stand to recognize this more often. Most of us have really terrific lives, but we camp out on the negativity and miss a lot of good stuff.

No matter how corny this sounds, I promise I’m not making this up: as I walked up to my polling venue today to cast my (early) vote for President, I almost got choked up.

I saw the Forsyth County faithful coming and going from the building, the odd assortment of election volunteers (80-year-old ladies, soccer moms, and one slightly punky-looking twentysomething), and I was struck with pride in our American system. I don’t have to fear for my life if my candidate doesn’t win the election. I was supremely attentive to be sure that I touched the correct boxes (three cheers for electronic voting, by the way) so that I didn’t accidentally vote for someone I didn’t mean to vote for because my vote really does count.

A lot of people have worked very, very hard and sacrificed amazing things so that I could do that today. And I’m thankful for that.

It is finally time for the season premiere of 30 Rock. Been waiting on this for a long time. Meanwhile, it appears that while this show has won multiple Emmys (including Outstanding Comedy Series), and is one of the better comedy shows that has ever been produced, it is still sucking wind ratings-wise. Uncool, folks.

Here’s why you should watch it on Thursday nights at 9:30 (ET):

  • Tina Fey is one of the funniest women to ever be on television.
  • Alec Baldwin is a raging maniac and a jerk to boot. But I completely forget about that when I’m watching this show.
  • You’re already watching The Office, just don’t change the channel at 9:30. Embrace your laziness.
  • Frank’s hats.

I have only recently discovered Fantasy Football and am, consequently, mildly addicted. I check my stats almost daily. My computer is locked in to the Live Scoring page beginning at 12:30 pm on Sunday. I’ve never been so interested in the NFL Sunday Preview on ESPN as I am now. Mike Nelson thinks he may have reached nirvana.

But the joy often lasts only as long as an injury time out. I was excited to have originally drafted Matt Hasselbeck. Not so much anymore. Jason Witten was tearing it up for weeks, only to go down in Week 8 with an injury to the ribs. Bye weeks kill me – I had at least five players on bye in Week 8.

But I love it. I think I’m into Fantasy for life.

I always love Family Meeting day, especially when it falls on a bye week for ALTA because it’s like we’ve been given part of our lives back when Mikey doesn’t have to play tennis on Saturday morning. Today we went up to the good Donut Connection and spent about two hours discussing several things:

  • How to save for a large expense we have coming in about six months. We copied our budget file and modified the numbers to see what we have to cut out to make it happen. Doesn’t look like it will be a problem.
  • Our commitments for the next several weekends, specifically keeping one weekend open to doing absolutely nothing.
  • Miscellaneous questions we have for an attorney we’re meeting with next week.
  • Tentative holiday plans and where we’ll be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas.

ad*dict*ed – devoted to a practice or habit or to something psychologically or physically habit-forming

  • Solitaire (Thank you, 1998)
  • Candy corn (a seasonal addiction, but nonetheless an addiction)
  • Fantasy Football (must … check … stats)
  • Saltine crackers (Some people undergo surgery and get addicted to painkillers. I dig Saltines. But really just the salt.)
  • Cocaine (I made that up.)
  • Mike Nelson
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Information (news, websites, radio, etc.)
  • Pornography (outside the church … and sometimes the church just ignores it, which is just as bad as accepting it)
  • Gossip

What else?

It has come to my attention that several of the long-held rules of etiquette that Claudia and Pearl and others have instilled in me are no longer en vogue. Please allow me to go on record as acknowledging this assertion but respectfully, emphatically disagreeing.

Please refrain from wearing white pants, skirts, or shoes; linen or any sort of linen blend; or seersucker before Easter or after Labor Day. Exceptions include people living in tropical climates, white athletic shoes, and those in the medical profession. And please refrain from allowing your sweet daughter to wear her white Sunday shoes after the first week of September, no matter the temperature outside.

Kindly refer to the leader of the Free World as Mr. President or President Bush, not Mr. Bush. No matter your political persuasion, your like or dislike of him, or whether you agree with his policies, the title demands an inherent level of respect.

Please understand that Evites have their place, to be sure, but that place is nowhere near a baby shower, bridal shower, or wedding. Please continue to print formal invitations and seal them in actual envelopes and mail them from literal mailboxes to announce these occasions.

Thank you.