Recently a friend of mine was making a presentation that had a lot riding on it career-wise. I ran into her the morning she was giving it and she asked if I was planning to come watch. Truthfully, I wasn’t. I had a lot of other things planned for the day that didn’t involve giving an hour and a half to her. But as we talked, I could see that it was of the utmost importance to her that I be there – she valued my opinion and hoped to get my feedback after the fact.

So, I went. She did a great job, and I was able to make suggestions and give her the encouragement she needed afterward. All in all, nigh this four weeks later, I don’t miss that hour and a half.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:6 that we “have been treated generously, so live generously.” The thing is, I don’t think Jesus is talking only about money here. It’s at the end of a passage in which He encourages the disciples to heal the sick, touch the untouchables, and go to the lost. In fact, He doesn’t mention money once in the preceding paragraph.

For me, and perhaps for you, it’s easy to give money. It’s my time that I hold precious. But when I’m generous with my time and my ideas and my encouragement and my effort, it goes much further than the moment. These are the things that make a difference to others and ultimately make a difference in eternity.

So just be generous. Whatever it is that you’re holding onto, start to give it away a little bit at a time and see if it doesn’t make you and the people around you a little bit happier.