I’m a homebody. For the most part, I’m content to be at home, with people I love, doing normal things. But I have a pretty strong travel vein running through me, too, and lately it’s been acting up. A few weeks ago, within about five days, I dreamed of being in Paris, England, and Washington, D.C. Time to go on a trip, I think.

I love traveling with Mikey because it means we grow together. We learn things and experience things together. When it’s over, we have these incredible memories and stories about, “Remember that time when we were in …” If we stay home and refuse to venture into what’s uncomfortable, we miss becoming better, becoming more. When we arrived in Milan last year, we were overwhelmed by the train station alone. It was huge, imposing, and we didn’t know how to find our hotel. But we did it, and with each new city, we did it again – discovering and exploring and learning and growing.

Looking forward to our next adventure.