What is the deal with ghosts? I have an odd fascination with the subject – doesn’t everybody? – but since becoming serious about Jesus I’ve been told that it’s not Christian to believe in ghosts. Nobody has ever given me a good reason why, but I suppose it stands to reason that if we believe in Heaven and Hell, the dead are in one place or the other (or in Purgatory if you follow the teachings of Cathol) and not roaming around old lighthouses.

ooooh creepy

ooooh creepy

But is it wrong to kind of want to see what all the fuss is about? There’s a good article in the October issue of National Geographic Traveler about York, England, which is considered the most haunted city on the planet. One thing I like about the article is that the author interviews a man who has worked in one of the most haunted sites in York for several years, having never seen a ghost. It’s not like the citizens of York are making up stories trying to lure people there; it leads me to believe the stories of people who say they have seen something. Which I’m sure people do.

Ultimately, I’m not going to start watching Paranormal State or Ghost Hunters on Discovery anytime soon, but I do like to be weirded out on occasion.

Note: The ever-insightful Mike Nelson points out that in Matthew 14:26, we are told that the disciples initially thought the walking-on-water Jesus was a ghost. Interestingly, Jesus did not take that opportunity to tell them that ghosts are an unchristian thing to think about.