I’d heard about a going-out-of-business sale at a store I like and headed over today to try to land some good bargains. The trip has inspired a new tag for the blog: That’s how they get yousale.

Everything left in the store (which wasn’t much) was marked by huge “50% OFF” signs. In small print, the sign also said “original price.” The store which shall not be named isn’t known for being outrageously priced. In fact, I’d consider them in the middle- to low-range of the pricing strata. Yet the “sale” prices weren’t all that impressive.

I realized they had marked up their “original” prices to make the “sale” prices seem more appealing. They don’t expect their shoppers to have any idea what something normally costs – they just advertise an EVERYTHING MUST GO sale and we all flock like lemmings, elbow one another to get to the discounted pillow shams, and revel in the glory of beating the system.

Don’t fall for it, friends. Shop smart. Do some advance research, or at least take a minute to look it up on your iPhone before you buy it in the store. Chances are, you can buy it any day of the week somewhere else for that same “discounted” price.