My family loves food. We love to cook food, to talk about food, to talk about cooking food, angoodeats_turkey2d especially eating food. The holidays are fun primarily because we get to be together, but secondarily because of all the yummy things to eat. Mom and I began planning our Thanksgiving menu about two weeks ago, and here’s a few items we’ve planned so far. Note: the point is to have way, way, way too much food so you can eat leftovers for days.

  • Brined and roasted turkey
  • Apple-Bourbon marinated pork loin
  • Classic green bean casserole with extra fried onions
  • Sweet potato casserole with pecan praline topping – not marshmallows
  • Dressing cooked in a casserole dish – not inside the turkey, which runs the risk of growing bad bacteria and undermining your Thanksgiving afternoon
  • Cranberry apple crunchy thingy
  • Orange cranberry sauce
  • Appetizers and desserts aplenty