• Abigail Adams was one feisty girl. She once had a long exchange of letters with then President Thomas Jefferson in which she read (wrote?) him the riot act in defense of her husband, who had an on-again-off-again friendship with Jefferson.
  • The handle of one of my old saucepans now gets extremely hotmoon-jupiter-venus when in use.
  • When the moon is waxing in the US, it’s waning in the southern hemisphere. Thus, when Jupiter, Venus, and the moon aligned to make a frowny face in the US, it made a smiley face in Australia.
  • Gas may soon return to $1 per gallon. Heck yeah.
  • The reason our eyes get dry when we work on the computer or watch TV for a long time (especially if you wear contacts) is because we blink half as much in a minute when we’re doing those things as we do normally – about 7.5 times per minute as opposed to 15 times per minute.