I am well aware that, as yet, I have no children. Thus, I am not a parent. However, having been raised by parents, I feel somewhat qualified to speak on these issues.

A year or two after I graduated from college, I heard about some high school friends who had gotten divorced before I’d even gotten married. I heard about some friends who were deep into drugs and others who had multiple children outside of marriage.13goingon30

Almost without exception, these people had parents who were really cool. In high school, I’d spent time at their houses and they had the parents who let us watch R movies. They rarely had curfews. A lot of them (the kids, I mean) drove nice cars.

My parents were kind of straight. There was a lot I wasn’t allowed to do, things a lot of my friends could do. They knew when I couldn’t be trusted, and they protected me against it. Even against my will. They didn’t dress like they were my age. They set boundaries and held me to them.

My friends who had parents like mine ended up doing well as adults – one was a missionary, and another married a youth minister. One spent several years in Asia teaching English to little kids, and another was a teacher at an inner-city school in the US.

I think I’ll be the dorky parent, thank you.