If you’ve read this week’s posts wondering, “Do Beth and Mike have something they need to tell me?”, the answer is no. I’ve just been on a parenting kick this week after finding out about the existence of a baby spa near my house. A baby spa. Like where three-year-olds get pedicures. A baby spa. Good gravy.

These are all names of actual ancestors, either mine or Mike‘s.

  • Lunie – pronounced “looney”
  • Estelle – I wouldn’t be able to get past the image of Sophia from The Golden Girls
  • Cicero – as much as I love Italy …
  • Azarah – was that Gargamel’s cat on The Smurfs?
  • Gertrude – that one might be a little close to home, but can you imagine calling a two-year-old Gertie?