I felt like I beat the system at the grocery store the other day. I went to buy ice cream (yum … ice cream) and saw that Breyers was on sale, two for $5. Score! That’s a huge discount on some tasty, tasty cream. But, in a icecreamdouble-take kind of moment, I noticed that the Breyers packages were noticeably smaller than the Publix brand packages. Upon further examination, Breyers sells ice cream in 1.5 quart cartons, while Publix offers a 2 quarts, which translates to one-third more ice cream. Doing some quick math (meaning I grabbed my cell phone and pulled up the calculator), I realized the Publix ice cream was cheaper per ounce than the on-sale Breyers.

That’s how they get you at the grocery store.

By screaming about sales, the stores take your mind off the fact that another brand might be cheaper. Or it might give you more for your money.

Don’t fall for it when a product is advertised, for instance, as “3 for the price of 2!” In most cases, that just means that the product is on sale for one-third off the regular price. You don’t actually have to buy 3. Buy only one and save even more.