Mike and I are getting ready to review our 2008 goals and set new ones for 2009. We realized that our system in 2008 wasn’t ideal because we only followed our progress on a few of our goals, so we’re revamping our strategy this year.

To begin with, we’ve been talking about our goal-setting plan for a week already. I love thinking through stuff like this with Mike – we each have different ways of looking at things that augment one another and make each of us better. I’ve learned this: if something you’re currently trying to do isn’t working, do it differently.

At Catalyst 2008, Andy Stanley asked pastors to think about an outside consultant coming into their churches. What would that consultant tell you to stop doing? What would he question? What are you doing that, to an outsider, doesn’t make any sense?

We’ve decided that we aren’t going to set goals for all of 2009 in January. We’re setting one round now, but we’re going to set goals for the summer in May, then we’ll set fall goals sometime in early September. Consistently, our year looks completely different in the fall than it looked in January, so it just makes sense to set new goals then rather than decreeing in January what I’m going to do in November.