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Read this article about Dave’s thoughts on the economy. I like this in particular:white_house

The healing of the economy will begin and end with you.

A $1000 check from the government is not going to fix all your problems if you think a $1000 check from the government will fix all your problems.

See also this insightfulness from my one and only.


This is by no means absolute, but in years of editing I’ve come to realize that most of us can simplify and tighten our writing by drastically reducing the frequency of these elements:

  • the word that,” as in, “I know that you are a fruitcake”
  • the word so,” as in, “She was so very embarrassed,” or “So you can see why she flung the cat”
  • the word up,” as in, “Bobbi Jean made up a mess of biscuits” (although perhaps this is a Southern thing, using “up” as an adverb)
  • exclamation points, as in, for the love of Pete, stop ending every third sentence with an exclamation point, and use actual words for emphasis
  • ellipses … as in … I’m kind of … like … really thoughtful … you know … so … I pause a lot …

Kindly welcome the long-overdue “Words and Grammar” category.

cellI learned an amazing thing last week. When you were conceived, you spent the first half-hour of your life as a single cell. As my friend Rodney said, “Even God thought it was so amazing that He had to stop and admire it for a full thirty minutes.” Wow.

I love traveling. But it gets expensive, see, so sometimes I just fly over the world in my imaginary astro-jet-rocket-shuttle. For hours and hours. And I’m home in time to cook dinner!eiffeltower_satellite1

Yes, peaceful turnovers of government are a truly beautiful thing.

Yes, God gave us photography to help our feeble brains remember.

Yes, I love my husband more every day.

Yes, I have it very, very good.

Yes, God likes me.

And so it is.

orange-giftI’ve been working on a big project in the last week that has kept me up late, up early, away from home, and away from just about everything else.

But let me tell you, if you are in any kind of family ministry, you have a lot to look forward to. It’s a huge gift you’ll get in a little over three months.

A traditionalist at heart, I like keeping up with the liturgical church calendar. Epiphany, for you non-seminarians like me, is celebrated on January 6 and is said to commemorate the visit of the Wise Men to the Christ child, ending the Twelve Days of Christmas. This photo is from Germany, where they still celebrate the Twelfth Night (Epiphany Eve) by lighting thousands of bonfires.


May the fire of Christ cause your life to glow this year.

I have a hard time choosing my favorite season … there are only four, so one will inevitably feel left out were I to begin assigning superlatives. Fall is the most fun, I think, overrun with excitement and anticipation, but then spring is just so beautiful and carefree and you get to start wearing linen again. Summer is definitely nice, with Sunday afternoons by the pool and trips to the beach, but I really love winter, too, because you just never know when you might wake up to snow.

statichand1But there are downsides. Significant ones. Two things that make me nutty in winter: dry skin and being shocked by everything. Honest to goodness, the zippers on the pillows on my sofa shock the living daylights out of me, which is to say nothing of the screw in the light switch plate. I’m looking forward to getting humidity back.

It’s not often that a place or product or experience lives up to the hype. There’s a lot of hype going on in the world and not enough excellence. Imagine, then, my surprise and joy upon finding out that Paula Deen’s Savannah restaurant, The Lady and Sons, was far superior to anything I expected.

The fried chicken alone was a religious experience. The Lady, I believe, friedchickenbrines her chicken before battering and frying, because the chicken itself was just as delicious as the crispy outside, and that’s hard to achieve. I can’t find a recipe from Paula to this effect, but I can’t imagine getting chicken this tasty without it.

I don’t have the space (and suspect you don’t have the attention span) to describe everything here, but if you have a chance, go. And try something you don’t typically enjoy – like black-eyed peas – because they just might surprise you.

Mikey and I don’t fight a lot, and it is largely because we set clear expectations. We learned early in our dating relationship that unmet expectations are often the result of uncommunicated expectations. The solution is easy – say what’s on your mind. It seems too simple, and almost cliche for how often it’s discussed, but I vote we keep harping on it until everyone understands.

Take housework, for example. For more than five years, we have maintained a division of labor in the house that keeps things running ever so smoothly.

clean bathrooms

clean kitchen (occasionally shared)
finances/pay bills
maintain cars
cut grass

When you need help with “your” thing, you ask for it. Easy as that. Done – no fighting about “that’s not my job!”