It’s not often that a place or product or experience lives up to the hype. There’s a lot of hype going on in the world and not enough excellence. Imagine, then, my surprise and joy upon finding out that Paula Deen’s Savannah restaurant, The Lady and Sons, was far superior to anything I expected.

The fried chicken alone was a religious experience. The Lady, I believe, friedchickenbrines her chicken before battering and frying, because the chicken itself was just as delicious as the crispy outside, and that’s hard to achieve. I can’t find a recipe from Paula to this effect, but I can’t imagine getting chicken this tasty without it.

I don’t have the space (and suspect you don’t have the attention span) to describe everything here, but if you have a chance, go. And try something you don’t typically enjoy – like black-eyed peas – because they just might surprise you.