We have come again, at last, to my favorite week of the year – Holy Week. Lent has been moderately less sacrificial for me than usual this year, what with the baby I’m working on (Giving up coffee? Check. Alcohol? Check.), but it’s been no less meaningful.

This morning I read in John about the Pharisees’ plot to kill Jesus. After Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, the people start to get pretty high on Jesus. The Pharisees, feeling threatened, say, “This man keeps on doing things, creating God-signs. If we let him go on, pretty soon everyone will be believing in him and the Romans will come and remove what little power and privilege we still have.” (John 11:47-48)

Now we’ve come to a little segment I like to call, “Really?!?” with Beth Nelson.

Really, Pharisees? Really? You’re the religious leaders of the day and you’re scared of a guy doing religious things? You are supposed to know God better than everyone else, but you’re not happy about a guy who is “creating Godsigns“? Really? And also, here’s a tip. You would probably make a better priest if you were more fearful of God than you were of Rome taking away your power. Really. Yeah, really.