I am entranced by Abelardo Morell‘s photography with the camera obscura.

Brooklyn Bridge - abelardomorell.net

He transforms his subject room into a camera obscura by blocking all light except for a tiny hole. As light enters through the hole, it projects an upside-down image on the opposite wall. Morell uses a prism to inverse the image, then leaves his camera in the room with the shutter open. It’s a camera within a camera, you see.

Morell’s other photography is equally mesmerizing, particularly Books & Maps and Tent Camera, which is like the camera obscura but projected on the ground and roofs instead of rooms.

It takes me back to fourth grade art with Mrs. Tolleson, when we built a camera obscura to watch the solar eclipse, inciting in me a lifelong love of stellar phenomena. Perhaps Katie Pearl is too young to appreciate it now, but the day will come when we build one in the backyard, I assure you.