Sometimes I just have to embrace the fact that I write what Seth Godin calls a cat blog. Mikey and I started blogging a few years ago because we thought it would be a good way to make our journals searchable (which it is), so I continue on in that vein. I’m fine with it. If you like it, too … icing on the cake.

And with that preface, my LinkTastic list of mom blogs.

Chronicles of a Babywise Mom – I’d be a full-time resident of the funny farm right now if not for this blog. Mikey and I read Babywise before Katie was born and figured it sounded simple enough, right? Big news, fans. There’s a lot it doesn’t tell you. Val (the Babywise Mom) fills in the gaps. She’s working from three kids’ worth of experience and covers absolutely everything. If you’ve got an issue she doesn’t address, I’ll eat this cupcake right here.

Orange Parents – There isn’t a sufficient supply of words in my brain to describe how edifying this blog is. If you’re a parent, about to be a parent, thinking of one day becoming a parent, or are of appropriate parent-being age, you should read every solitary post on this site.

Wholesome Baby Food – I have really enjoyed making Katie’s baby food, and this site provides a diaper-load of recipes and ideas. They don’t stop with pureed peas, either – I’m looking for Lemon Plums on my next visit to the Farmer’s Market.

Adopt A ‘Do – This may be the single most inspiring blog I’ve read this year. I spent several hours reading and watching videos the other night thinking, Can I make rosettes with Katie’s 1-inch-long hair? First order of business, though, is getting her to keep from pulling the bows out the instant I put them in.

Etsy – Mike will attest to the fact that my mom and I cannot attend an arts & crafts festival without at least once saying, “We can make that.” Etsy is basically the largest, awesomest, most easily accessible arts & crafts festival in the world. I go here for sewing ideas, art inspiration, and to support the quarterly urge I have to take up crochet.

Others I love (and not just because I love the people who write them): Happily Mother After (I will never be as good at party planning as Lauren), Nate’s Lucha Libro (Technically not a “mom” blog, but with great pictures of Elsita), and Vamos Juntos (Mothering and ministering in Africa … Katie is so much more woman than I am).