I am God’s.beth2_lo-res
Mike Nelson‘s wife.
Mama to Katherine Pearl.
Pat and Claudia’s daughter.
Jonathan‘s sister.
Bob’s granddaughter.
Pearl’s great-niece.
Jessica’s sister-in-law.
Ron and Mary’s daughter-in-law.
Bill and Sheree’s favorite sister-in-law.
Caroline and Elysa’s favorite aunt.
A friend.
A leader.
A member of The Body.
A Catalyst.
A pretty good cook.
In love with Italy.
A Yellow Jacket.
A Trojan.
Fascinated by science.
Trying to learn how to listen to God.
A fan of lists.
A reader.
Becoming a writer.
Not good at Facebook.
Never going to Twitter.
Going into space one day.
Learning to fly fish.
Uncommonly interested in grammar.
Happy to be home.
Still trying to learn how to listen to God.